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Classy People….

I think classy people have to be honest and trustworthy. I hate when I can’t trust someone. Like if someones behind me, I’m afraid that they’ll do someone to me or talk about me, I don’t think they have class.

I think I have some class. If I could rate my self from 1-10 I would give myself a 5 or 6, other people might think I have no class or a lot of class. Everybody has different ways of having class. Like one time my dad, a friend of his and I went golfing as we were going into pay to play we found a credit card on the ground outside the door. It had a name on it so we yelled out the name and a guy was putting his bag on the cart and realized it was his. I think my dad and his friend have class.

I also don’t like people who try to put them selves in front. If someone lies just to impress someone. Like if I say I could beat someone at arm wrestling and they are way stronger and I lose. They wouldn’t be classy to me.

D.A.R.E Essay

During Dare classes,  I have learned why people do drugs and why not to do them. When one of your friends ask you to smoke or drink with other people it’s not easy to say “No”. Thats called peer pressure. Theres five different kinds of peer pressure Heavy, Positive, Friendly, Teasing, Indirect.

Smoking can cause lung cancer, breathing, colds, upper respiratory problems, and we definitely don’t want yellow teeth and bad breath. If you smoke it can also cause shortness of breath. Tobacco can cause all those things and chewing tobacco can cause dehydration and mouth or gum cancer. Over 400,000 people die from using tobacco and 3,000 people die from breathing other peoples smoke from the 200 known poisons in tobacco each year.

D.A.R.E stands for two different things:

D : Drug

A : Abuse

R : Resistance

E: Education


D : Define

A : Assess

R : Respond

E : Evaluate

Marijuana, I don’t why people use it! Marijuana can be addictive. Marijuana users have an increased risk of cancer. It is illegal in the United States. Marijuana smoke contains more tar than tobacco smoke! It causes short-term memory loss. The worst part it destroys your brain.

The number one reason why adults or even children use drugs is because they feel bad about them selves. Theres other things to do other than using drugs. You hang out with friends, take a walk, or even play a game. Theres always something other to do than destroying your body. Don’t Do DRUGS!


Oty’ Okwa

Pants, check. Shorts, check. Underwear, check. Soap, wash rag, towel, tooth paste. tooth brush, Deodorant, check. Shirts, check. Bags are packed and ready to go. Wait I forgot my boots. My grandma and I leave early to go to my house and get my boots. Then we get to the school and Mr. McGuire has his old Ford and trailer ready and I load my bags.

I go and stand by the little pond by the school and wait. When one of the teachers checks and sees who’s all there I realized that the order she called the names off were all in a group. I ran all the names through my mind, and realize I have a few friends in my group. Andrew, Caleb, Ridge, Tyler, Vanessa, Lisa, Alison, Cassie, and Blaize were all in my group.

All the boys I talk to a lot. Then Alison, Lisa, Cassie, and Blaize I don’t talk to a lot but I say hi some times. Vanessa, I usually don’t talk to her but as those days went on I got to know what shes like and the other people, too. Like I got to know a secret about someone.

One of my goals were to get farther than my brother did. My brother only lasted 2 and half hours the first day. I think it was during free time, but he told me that they were all playing basketball and a kid hit him in the head so he tackled him. Then Mr. McGuire took him home.

We didn’t get to do the Fat Man Squeeze, because it was flooded. My brother said if we did go through it that I should go over because of my big head. Well we got to see it but we didn’t get to go through it. The guide let us figure out the maze to the top, so once she said that everybody ran. We were all in a group of two but there was on group of three, and we had to stay with our group. Once Andrew and I got to the top there was a group of three girls and Caleb and I went to help them, since we could see them from the top.

The guide let us leave early since we were all soaked from the stream study before we did the maze. Then we had lunch, We all started talking about what we did and everybody was talking. The first lunch I was only talking to Andrew and Caleb. Then as the days went on we were all friends.

When we were doing the initiatives is when we really got to know someone. The people who were “tanks” learned not to listen to the “tank commander”. The “tank” was blind folded and you had to throw a ball and try to hit other tanks. The “tank commander” directed the tank where he needed to go. Andrew and I were partners, He was the tank first and I was the commander. He hit his head on a table a couple times. When we switched, I hit a wall and a table.

The last morning we all packed and put our stuff in the trailer. We had breakfast then did our last activity, I can’t remember what it was. We had to dig through Owl poop that was older than us. Andrew, Vanessa, and I found two mice skulls and a lot of bones. Andrew took home the skulls.

We had lunch and everybody was talking. We all got to know each other at the end of the three days we were all friends, well kind of. Some people don’t want to make new friends, no names. Although everyone had a great time!!!

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I want to be in professional baseball. Baseball is the only sport I play. Well, Sometimes on Sunday, My dad, a work friend, and I go golfing. I always come in second. I play baseball in Chillicothe, OH. I have only played one out of two games because I had a stomach virus.

If I get to the major leagues, I have always wanted to play for the Cincinnati Reds. I know everybody on the team. I would love to play their infield. My luck I’ll go to the Phillies or some other team I don’t like.

Broken Phone.

I was texting people and I went to help my mom and dad with groceries. I came back and picked up my phone off the counter. It twitched and then it went blank. I tried turning it off then on, didn’t work. We took the battery out for a while, didn’t work.

My mom went to Verizon in Chillicothe. She bought me a used Env touch. Well, the battery in that was a piece of crap. She went back the next day and ordered a new battery. It’s supposed to be at my house Friday, 4/27/11. Every two minutes that my phone is off charge it dies!!

Why Today?????

I had a stomach virus yesterday, so I missed school and my baseball game. I only missed a test and maybe another assignments. The most important to me is the baseball game. I wasn’t allowed to go so my mom texted the coach and told him I wouldn’t be there. The coach texted back after the game and said that we won 5-0. I said “I wish I could have been there for the first win.

The last game was supposed to be last week on Saturday and it got canceled and rescheduled to Sunday. The first 4 innings went well, we were winning 4-0 then it started to go down hill. We put a new pitcher in and they scored two runs. The next inning four more, then the next six more. We were down 12-4 then we had a ground ball single, he stole second. Then the next batter gets walked and we have to outs. I’m up to bat, fouled three off and the count is 1-2. I hit a little blooper to right field the kid misses it and I drove in to runs. The next batter gets up watches two go by and swings at a bad pitch. We lost 12-6.

I think I will score fairly well depending on the mood the grader is. According to Martha, I hope my test isn’t at the bottom. Her boss is upset with her because she was late for work. She’s having a bad day, she spilled coffee all over her.

I will show my work, reread what I write, check over for mistakes, check for skipped questions, and etc. On extended responses I need to give specific details, don’t make the grader think what you really meant and give her/him a hard time.

Okay we are taking the O.A.A next week and I’m just worried about my extended responses. I understand what the question is asking and when I reread my brain knows what it’s supposed to say and I can’t have anybody read over it. Then I have a word missing or a sentence doesn’t make sense.

If I mess up I hope the grader starts out with a good day and my test isn’t at the bottom. I’m just gonna have to try my best and have no mistakes. I am gonna convince myself that I got them all right (Even though I can’t).

Here are some test taking skills I use. I hope you can use them too.

1. Whisper the questions out loud to myself, if I don’t understand it.

2. Underline or highlight needed information.

3.Check for skipped questions.

4.Check and make sure I circled the correct answer.

5. Reread my extended responses out loud to myself.

6. Before I read the passage, read the title, check for extras like maps or pictures or subheadings, look for when the passage ends, and then read the questions.

Why Grades?!?!

Should grades be solely based on achievement?  Or should a student’s effort and attitude be part of the grade?  Should improvement matter?   Should missing assignments count even if a students has mastered the objective?  Or should all grades be based on results of classwork and quizzes? Should students receive a class participation grade that reflects their in class involvement and work ethic?

I think grades should count on what they earn. Say a student gets a C on a test, but the teacher watched him take the test and watched him try really hard. Say another student got an A but didn’t really try. It’s not like I get a D but I tried really hard so I get a B.

I think we should get graded on participation. A student might not participate when we have a discussion about something and he doesn’t raise his hand. If you don’t have an opinion about something then you don’t understand the subject or the topic.

I also think that if you improve then your grade will go up. Thats how you know if someone has improved their grade will shoot up. If someone’s grade slowly goes down they should get some help.

I think that missing assignments should count against you, even if you master the topic. I think it should because if you don’t get it turned in then it’s a missing grade. Grades count on what you earn.

We read Freak The Mighty by. Rodman Philbrick, as a read aloud in The Reading Workshop. I think that predictions are what make the book exciting. I think that because when you make a prediction and you read and you find out something totally else happens.

Here are some of my predictions.

1. I predicted that Max would  say something about Kevin AKA: Freak to his dad AKA: Kenny Kane, because Max looked over at Freaks house when his dad walked outside.

2. I also predict that Grim and Gram will figure out that Max is gone and call the cops, Because Kenny Kane took Max in the middle of the night.

3. I predict that if Grim finds Kenny Kane with Max he will shoot him if he bought the gun, I think this because Grim said he might by a gun if Kenny Kane got close to the house.